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Intellectual Property

Is IP the Engine of Your Business?


Your creative work, company brand, or trade secrets are investments. And you need to protect them.  Understanding intellectual property is essential—especially in today’s digital marketplace. From independent artists to multi-national corporations, we help clients manage IP portfolios, with particular focus on trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and publicity rights. Whether you’re just beginning a new project or initiative, or seeking to leverage existing IP, we will help maximize revenue opportunities and minimize risk.



  • work-for-hire agreements
  • confidentiality & non-disclosure agreements
  • publishing agreements
  • endorsement agreements  
  • marketing, advertising & website development agreements  


  • analysis, clearance & due diligence
  • applications
  • responses to office actions
  • cease and desist letters
  • compliance
  • development of licensing programs
  • security agreements & assignments
  • portfolio review

Types of Business We've Helped


  • Multinational bath & body product marketer & manufacturer
  • Multinational clothing & home goods developer & manufacturer
  • Multinational film production & distribution company
  • Multinational natural beauty goods importer & distributor
  • Celebrity brand enterprises
  • Yoga & bodywork schools
  • Nationwide jewelry designer with major retailer distribution
  • Multinational dinnerware designer with  major retailer distribution
  • Web developers & software designers
  • Individual artists & creative professionals
  • Hospitality businesses
  • International wholesale sporting goods manufacturer
  • Etsy sellers
  • E-commerce & traditional retailers

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